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Safety is a Core Value

Safety is a Core Value at Bearing Transport. The personal Health & Safety of each employee is of primary importance. The prevention of occupational induced injuries and illness is of such consequences that it will be given priority over operating productivity where necessary. To the greatest degree possible, Bearing Transport is committed to conducting its operations in a manner that will protect the Health & Safety of its employees, contractors and public. Bearing Transport will provide all mechanical and physical safeguards required for personal Health & Safety in keeping with the highest standards.

Bearing Transport will:

  • Integrate Health & Safety into all aspects of Bearing Transport operations.
  • Comply with government regulations, industry guidelines, best management practices and company policies and procedures in the planning and design within our daily operations.
  • Provide appropriate training and equipment to our employees, enhancing their ability to recognize hazards, minimize risk during company operations, and be trained and competent in the duties they perform.
  • Provide necessary personal protective equipment and instruction for use and care.
  • Develop and enforce Health & Safety rules and require all employees and contractors cooperate with these rules as a condition of employment.
  • Investigate every incident promptly and thoroughly, not to find fault, but to find out what the root cause was to enable the development of safety practices that will correct the problem and ensure the incident will not happen again.

Bearing Transport is responsible for the general supervision and coordination of all activities at any worksite where our personnel are working including any persons subcontracted to Bearing Transport. While all parties have a responsibility to promote worker safety, Bearing Transport recognizes its leadership role in promoting worker Health & Safety on the basis that it has the power to influence work site situations.

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